Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Goverment College Rohtak ,Haryana

Principal's Message :

It is my proud privilege that I am the Principal of such a prestigious institute. I am lucky enough to have taught Physics in this college for continuously twenty six years. I graduated from this college. It is a trend setting institute from the beginning. Two students studying at the same course, while one of them loves everything about the college and other always complains about how terrible the institution is, same place, different views, why does this happen ? Think about it. The way we see things around us depends not so much on how they are but on how we are. It the world around you looks dark and gloomy when some one else finds it bright and sunny, may be all you need to do is to remove your sunglasses. Change the way you look at the world. Resolve to be happy. Be positive. Be friendly. Be a kind person. Happy people have happy friends, happy lives.

Confront your fears and you will conquer them. A young boy decided to visit a famous temple, He saw two large, ferocious dogs chained in the iron grills at the entrance. They were straining at their chains, their tongues were wagging, they were barking non-stop. The young boy walked down the long courtyard towards the main temple. The boy kept looking back at those dogs the sound of barking seemed to be echoing in his ears. Although the sound was decreasing, he looked back. He could not believe what he saw. The dogs were free, were running towards him. Instantly the boy started to run too, not away from the dogs, but towards them. What happened was that the dogs were shocked, turned back towards the gate. These ferocious dogs symbolize the bigger fear in your life. The lesson to learn is, run towards your fears. You can conquer them. Many of us live with constant fear of failure, We live a life of unfulfilled potential. Scared of water, join swimming classes. That’s the way to deal with fear. Confront them, run towards them.

I look forward to my dear students with the hope that my habit of telling you stories will inspire and motivate you. Whatever you do, give your hundred percent. Aim to be the best.

Dr. Ved Parkash Sheoran






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