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Cultural Activities :

There is a great importance of cultural activities in higher education. Students get an opportunity to enhance and improve their ethical and personal abilities and to gain self confidence through this platform in the field of music, dance, theatre, literature and fine arts. Students are motivated to participate in these activities. Cultural Functions are organized in the college by different subject societies every year.
During the session 2014-15, the college students enthusiastically participated in the zonal and Inter-Zonal Youth Festivals as well as Fagun Mela Cultural Festival organized by the Youth Welfare Department of M.D.University, Rohtak, and won several Prizes. In November 2014, the college teams won three first, one second and one first prizes in the Inter-Zonal Youth Festival. In Fagun Mela, organized by the University in February 2015, the college teams won five, three and one third prizes. Our college scored the first rank in this festival.
In ‘Bal Mahotsav’ organized in Bhiwani, the college team presented orchestra which was much appreciated.
On 11th of February 2015, our students participated in the Inter-College Competition organized by Govt. College for Women and won first prize in all the items. On 13th of February 2015, our students participated in ghazal and lok geet competition in the college itself and won first prizes in ghazal as well as geet.
The details of the cultural activities of the session 2014-15 are as follows:
Zonal Youth Festival

1 Classical Instrumental (Solo) First Rahul
2 Classical Voval First Purushotam
3 Qawwali First Ravi, Nitin, Purushotam, Rajan, Monika & Arti
4 Group Song First Monika, Arti, RajKumari, Rajan, Purushotam, Nitin
5 Ghazal First Ravi
6 Western Group Song Second Gagan, Puran, Sumit, Monika, Arti, Raj Kumari
7 Orchestra  Haryanvi Second Nitin, Rahul, Ravi, Rajan, Aatish, Vishal, Naveen
8 Western Solo Song Third Puran
9 Declamation in Sanskrit First Kiran Sharma
10 Clay Modeling  Third Pooja
11 Best out of Waste Third Pooja

Inter Zonal Youth Festival

1 Classical Instrumental First Rahul
2 Qawwali First Ravi, Nitin, Purushotam, Rajan, Monika, Arti
3 Group Song Haryanvi First Rahul, Ravi, Nitin, Ravi, Rajan, Aatish, Vishal
4 Group Song General Second Nitin, Purushotam, Rajan, Monika, Arti, Raj Kumari
5 Western Group Song Second Monika, Arti, Raj Kumari, Gagan, Puran, Sumit

Fagun Mela

1 Haryanvi Folk Instrumental First Rahul
2 Raagni Solo First Ravi
3 Haryanvi Duet Song First Nitin, Purushotam
4 Haryanvi Group Song (Male) First Nitin, Purushotam, Ravi, Naveen, Deepak, Rohit
5 Haryanvi Group Song (Female) First Monika, Arti, Aju, Bhavna, Pushpa, Pinki
6 Rock Band Haryanvi Second Nitin,Ravi,Purushotam,Gagan,Puran, Mohit, Arti, Monika, Ravi, Rahul
7 Haryanvi Orchestra Second Rahul, Nitin, Ravi, Aatish, Vishal, Sahil,  Narender, Sandeep, ,Purushotam

Inter-College Competition

1 Ragni First Nitin
2 Ghazal First Ravi
3 Group Song First Nitin, Purushotam
4 Clay Modeling  Second Nitin, Purushotam, Rajan, Aarti, Monika, Rajan


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