Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Goverment College Rohtak ,Haryana

Welcome to the Neki Ram Sharma Govt. College

Dear Visitor, Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Govt. College, Rohtak provides quality education of Graduate and Honours level to both boys and girls. This College was established as Govt. Intermediate College in 1924. It was upgraded to a Govt. Degree College in 1944. The administrative control of this College was taken over by Maharashi Dayanand University, Rohtak in July 1980. The College was named as College, Rohtak. The Haryana State Government took back the administrative control of this College in April 2006. Now this College is known as Pandit Neki Ram Sharma Government College, Rohtak. The College has made a steady progress in academic, cultural and intellectual fields.

Mission Statement

Located on Delhi Road, the college, as compared to other institutions in the region, holds a special attraction for Science students and honours courses. Adequate hostel facility is provided to both boys and girls. The college library, equipped with over one lac books, caters to the intellectual needs of the teachers and students community. The college also provides adequate resources to its students to promote character building and a harmonious development of their personality

Vice Chancellor of MDUPrincipal's Message

          It is my proud privilege that I am the Principal of such a prestigious institute. I am lucky enough to have taught Physics in this college for continuously twenty six years. I graduated from this college. It is a trend setting institute from the beginning. Two students studying at the same course, while one of them loves everything about the college and other always complains about how terrible the institution is, same place, different views, why does this happen ? Think about it. The way we see things around us depends not so much on how they are but on how we are. It the world around you looks dark and gloomy when some one else finds it bright and sunny, may be all you need to do is to remove your sunglasses. Change the way you look at the world. Resolve to be happy. Be positive. Be friendly. Be a kind person. Happy people have happy friends, happy lives.



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